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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fireform.


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  • You mean you fireformed the cases and then just neck sized?

    Blackwater-I've been working on the 22-250 issue and have posted on your original question.

  • And true, this AI rifle puts factory rounds (since those were the only rounds I had with me that would chamber in the go**amned thing at the range) in groups measuring well under an inch at 100 yards, even though the factory cases were being fireformed (to the AI chambering) in the new chamber with each shot, which usually degrades accuracy a bit.

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • Then an interesting thing happened: I couldn't close the bolt on any of the previously fireformed rounds (made in the other rifle I mentioned above) I loaded into the rifle -- and since I couldn't close the bolt on any of them, I couldn't fire them either.

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • Even when I fired standard factory ammo in the rifle and then made brand AI handloads for it with the newly fireformed brass empties, the throat on the barrel was cut so short that I was forced (until I fixed the problem by using another gunsmith) to seat my bullets so that the cartridge overall length was no more than around 2.88 -- an infuriating situation to deal with in a long-action rifle.

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • I noticed, however, that there were no newly fired cases with the rifle, nor was there a paper target with a hole or holes in it, nor was there any of the fireformed brass I had given him, nor was there the chronograph data sheet the 'smith told me he provided to all his customers for each of their rifles after he test-fired them.

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • When I didn't receive a reply, I printed out a copy of the email and sent it to the gunsmith via regular mail -- and enclosed with that letter several fireformed cases with neither powder or primers in them, but various bullets seated in them to overall cartridge lengths of 3.1 "-3.2".

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • In a little over an hour, we got the rifle throated to where I need it to be; we fiddled with the chamber ever so slightly so that the bolt will now comfortably, safely, close on my huge stash of previously fireformed cases; and I fired (safely, no problems at all) some of my handloads in it to see how everything worked (just fine, very accurate).

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • I also provided fireformed AI cases (that had been fired in another rifle which I had chambered with the same reamer) and explained that I wanted the new barrel to be headspaced to fit the fireformed cases I left with him.

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • The bolt on the repaired and improved rifle would not close on empty fireformed brass (made from my other rifle chambered with the same reamer I loaned to the gunsmith).

    Some Peeves from a Gunsmith

  • With Winchester brass or Hornady Light Magnum fireformed brass and Winchester large rifle primers, my preferred 115-grain bullet is the Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip (CTBS) spitzer or 115-grain Partition pushed by 53 grains of Accurate 3100.

    The Rifleman's Badge of Honor


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