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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of firehose.


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  • He marched and lead, was beaten and jailed, was spit on and firehosed, had his personal life investigated by Bobby Kennedy and finally gave his life for the cause only to have this MORON Obama as the failed 1st black President.

    Think Progress » Lieberman Begins To Distance Himself From The Health Care Bill That He Crafted

  • They'd change the landscape so that DMCA notices were only used by people who were genuinely being ripped off, and not firehosed by idiots to every site that matches a search-term.

    Boing Boing

  • Black people who had the stones to get firehosed and killed did.

    Archive 2005-08-21

  • Because I started out low on the food chain and worked my way up, I didn't get much stock offered to me the way that programmers and systems designers get stock firehosed onto them when they start.


  • Looks like someone firehosed a ton of pixels onto everything in the computer world.


  • A dip into the "public tweetstream" - the firehosed thoughts of 10 million minds - is indeed a one-way ticket to Moronopolis.

    meish dot org: life, unfolding

  • They get more upset about MPs 'expenses than about the gazillions firehosed away on dodgy defence contracts, makework public sector schemes or bank bail-outs.

    Telegraph Blogs

  • I'm aware of the stereotype red-alert: a privileged college graduate beset by white liberal guilt goes on a 'civil rights history vacation,' implying not only that 'civil rights history' is finished, that there are no civil rights battles left to be fought so we can just classify the whole topic under 'history,' but also that we can visit the streets of Birmingham where children were firehosed and attacked by dogs the same way we can visit the beaches of Cancun with a pina colada in hand - or, worse still, to approach it as something to mark off a checklist.

    Josh Bolotsky: Walking, Literally, In Dr. King's Footsteps: A Photo Itinerary.


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