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  • n. The act of dousing a fire, as a firefighter might put down a fire by dousing it with a large amount of water.
  • n. Extensive and possibly excessive criticism of an idea by presenting an overwhelming number of arguments against it.
  • n. Video camera movement intended to record as much of a scene as possible, such as by swinging the camera from side to side, usually in a way that makes the resulting footage worthless.


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  • Of all the Herculean labors President Barack Obama has set for himself, firehosing Washington's arterial plaque, while simultaneously championing the virtues of a muscular federal government, will surely prove the toughest.

    The Rescue of OneUnited Bank Prompts Questions

  • Police chiefs positively delighted in firehosing protesters.

    Where I was when I was out of my milieu.

  • When Cassini finally reaches Saturn, in 2004, its big high-gain antenna will start firehosing data down from the outer solar system at such a rate that the resulting flood will keep planetary scientists busy for generations.

    A Space in Time

  • A script for an iBook that runs whilst pawing through the latest Rick Moody fetish object during a WiFi porn-firehosing session down at Starbucks.

    Tivo and Amazon, sitting in a tree... - Anil Dash

  • Bernanke, has gone into panic-mode, frantically firehosing the entire financial system with liquidity, but with little effect.


  • Yet the level of violence in Gaza and the West Bank has risen in proportion to the amount of assistance received. by firehosing cash at the PA, Europeans signal their opposition to Washington, suck up to their Muslim voters and, above all, vent their dislike of Israel.

    CAMERA Snapshots

  • (Greenspan still says he never saw it coming) Now that the bubble has burst, Bernanke, has gone into panic-mode, is frantically firehosing the entire financial system with liquidity, but with little effect.



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