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  • adj. Resembling fire; fiery.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fire +‎ -like


  • She saw another bird with firelike feathers streak between them, and she saw a shape that looked like a winged lion, silhouetted against the blue.

    Enchanted Ivy

  • The summer sun was setting, painting the earth-tone structures of Istanbul with firelike colors, the odor of scorched lamb wafting in through the open windows from the street vendors in the world below.

    The Thieves of Darkness

  • As a young man, Hakuin had fallen ill after assiduous, prolonged meditation, suffering " firelike burning in the head " along with such afflictions as restlessness and nightmares.

    Drawn Toward Enlightenment

  • And undulating, firelike lights lick at the perimeter of the rotunda's giant skylight.

    Groping In The Dark

  • Its fading away is a sign of fine weather because if the air is not yet in a state to get the better of the heat it contains and proceed to condense into water, this shows that the moist vapour has not yet separated from the dry and firelike exhalation: and this is the cause of fine weather.


  • In the Old Testament creation myth, the name of the first man is given as Adam, which means “red earth,” no doubt suggesting both the color of the ground from which he is created and the red, firelike qualities of his essence.

    Zolar’s Magick Of Color

  • I am sure he has been fond of these outer influences, these Oriental suggestions which were for him the spiritual equivalent from the past for his spontaneous ideas, for he, too, had much of all this magic, as he had much of the hypnotic quality of jewelry and precious stones in all his so delicate pictures, firelike in their subtle brilliancy.

    Adventures in the Arts Informal Chapters on Painters, Vaudeville, and Poets

  • The Theotokion: Behold, O Virgin, mine affliction which the multitude of my evil deeds hath brought over me, and snatch me out of the firelike flame, vociferating: Blessed art Thou, O Lord God, unto the ages.

    The General Menaion or the Book of Services Common to the Festivals of our Lord Jesus of the Holy Virgin and of Different Orders of Saints

  • Only then did she look up and see Sin’s intent eyes as she returned to Mae, holding a bright, firelike fruit.

    The Demons Covenant

  • At the same time the pomp and costly splendour of the troops were not without effect nor their use in causing alarm; but the glittering of the arms, which were curiously ornamented with gold and silver, and the colour of the Median and Scythian dresses mingled with the brightness of the brass and steel, produced a firelike and formidable appearance as the masses moved like waves and changed their places, so that the Romans hid themselves behind their ramparts, and

    Plutarch's Lives, Volume II


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