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  • noun Plural form of firelock.


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  • There was no dispute, from the firelocks which they carried, and the plaids and bonnets which they wore, that they were a party of

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • These are but precautions — these are the firelocks which our old soldiers have at their sides, loaded and cocked, but at present lying quiet on the grass.

    The Virginians

  • The Wooden Horse--an old form of military punishment was called "riding the wooden horse"--this horse's back was a beam of oak wood with heavy firelocks early flintlock rifles--very heavy binding the "rider's" legs in place to make the ride more painful.

    The Swiftness of Life

  • In the increasing twilight the burning matches of the firelocks, shimmering on barrel, halbert, and cuirass, lent to the approaching army a picturesque effect, like a huge, many-armed giant breathing flame into the darkness.

    Lay Morals

  • He reformed his line of march, commanded his soldiers to unsling their firelocks and fix their bayonets, and formed an advanced and rear-guard, each consisting of a non-commissioned officer and two soldiers, who received strict orders to keep an alert look-out.

    Rob Roy

  • He quickened his pace into a run, followed by the six soldiers; but as they attained the first traverse of the ascent, the flash of a dozen of firelocks from various parts of the pass parted in quick succession and deliberate aim.

    Rob Roy

  • Several threw up their clumsy firelocks and sent their heavy balls crashing through the trees, and the rest, thinking no doubt that they were ambushed, led a reckless charge into the jungle.

    People of the Dark

  • A glance up the hatchway showed the giant that the arms he had planned to seize were defended by ten firelocks, and that, behind the open doors of the partition which ran abaft the mizenmast, the remainder of the detachment stood to their arms.

    For the term of his natural life

  • Mek Nimr has about twenty firelocks, which he has either bought or taken from Egyptian traders; with these he arms his favourite slaves, but few of them have courage sufficient to fire them off, and there are none who dare take an aim by placing the gun against the shoulder.

    Travels in Nubia

  • The people of Yembo occasionally come here in small ships, well armed with firelocks, and plunder the whole neighbourhood of the cattle, alleging as an excuse, that the Amarer formerly killed several of their countrymen, who had been shipwrecked on this coast.

    Travels in Nubia


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