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  • n. The chief of a fire brigade


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  • Francis Quoynt is a military explosives expert – a firemaster – newly unemployed after the end of a war abroad.

    The Firemaster’s Mistress, by Christie Dickason. Book review

  • In 1776, he served as a firemaster in the first ward.

    Willett of the Day: Edward S. Willett, merchant

  • This is one of the most difficult conditions to control in firing and depends completely on the skill of the firemaster.

    11. Glaze problems

  • The experienced firemaster will be able to accurately judge the temperature by its colour.

    2. Kilns

  • However, normally the firemaster can judge when the desired biscuit temperature is reached by the colour inside the kiln.

    2. Kilns

  • They can also be placed at the top and bottom or front and back of the setting so that the firemaster can change the damper setting or slow the firing rate to compensate for temperature differences within the kiln chamber.

    2. Kilns

  • The firemaster should make sure that the cones are set in the same way at each firing.

    2. Kilns

  • After that the firemaster and the firing crew should discuss the outcome of their firing and they should try to pinpoint problems and decide upon how these problems could be solved at the next firing.

    2. Kilns

  • Cones are normally used in a set of three placed in front of a spyhole from where the firemaster can see them during firing.

    2. Kilns

  • A pyrometer shows the actual temperature and is able to show the firemaster how fast the temperature is rising as well as the rate of cooling.

    2. Kilns


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