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  • noun US A fire engine.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fire +‎ wagon


  • Louis Leblanc — His firewagon brand of hockey reminds us of the great old Habs teams.

    Red Line: Under-18 World Championships provide a showcase

  • Additionally, the man was vilified last spring outside of D.C. for playing firewagon hockey and not having his team prepared for playoff-style hockey.

    A red road renaissance

  • The first firewagon was a wagon with four big wheels that was pulled by a team of horses.

    St. Vincent Firehall

  • It was filled from the river by the engine on the firewagon.

    St. Vincent Firehall

  • Whenever there was a big fire near enough to the river for the hoses to reach, the firemen pulled the firewagon to the river by hand and pumped the water from there to the fire.

    St. Vincent Firehall

  • With a sprightliness that belies his appearance, the merchanter is the first to leave the firewagon.

    Scion of Cyador

  • The scroll will go to Helkyt in the morning, to be dispatched by firewagon.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Three lancers, one holding the reins to a riderless mount, are waiting on the far side of the firewagon platform.

    Scion of Cyador

  • There, Lorn reins up on the far side of the paved way, in the shade of a weaver's shop, waiting for the firewagon.

    Scion of Cyador

  • Behind him, Lorn can hear the rumbling and whining of a small firewagon as it tows the cannon - like those once used against the Accursed Forest - along the seawall road.

    Scion of Cyador


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