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  • If hereafter the vague rumours which have so long been current should be supported by any real evidence, my judgment will be disputed, but I am glad to have this opportunity of asserting my own firm conviction that the version of the unhappy affair given in the family papers is correct, and that Charles Yorke's death was due to natural causes.

    Charles Philip Yorke, Fourth Earl of Hardwicke, Vice-Admiral R.N.

  • Another trait of character of Professor Hintzpeter, is his firm conviction that difficulties, no matter how vast and intricate, are always capable of being settled and satisfactorily arranged by means of eloquent phrases and good intentions.

    The Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe

  • It was Allensworth's firm conviction that without character as a sure foundation, a place and fair reputation among his fellow-citizens could never be gained, whatever the talk of talents, education, culture, and the pretensions to theoretical rights.

    Battles and Victories of Allen Allensworth, A. M., Ph. D., Lieutenant-Colonel, Retired, U. S. Army

  • Religious thought in India, Brahmanic and Buddhist, set out with a firm conviction of the evil in the whole world of finite existence, but these two religions enter - tained different explanations of evil and different prospects of deliverance.


  • Simultaneously, with a fine display of firm conviction that it's all Milda's fault, Prince sinks his teeth into the back of Milda's defenceless neck.

    Four Horses and a Sailor

  • Science is based on faith in the organic inter-connection or unity of the universe, a firm conviction that our entire lives must be under the sway of laws or principles established by some extra-mundane Power or Creator.

    The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination

  • I arrived quite safe, and the dreaded moment of reentering a house, which I had left in a sort of a hearse, with a firm conviction of returning no more, was tumbled head over heels by Mr.C. rushing out into the street to meet me, in his dressinggown, and in violent agitation, - John had given him reason to expect us an hour and half earlier.

    New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle

  • It's my firm conviction that Griffiths is a rogue, and that he treated me quite scurvily yesterday.


  • The power of what transcendentalists call "the imagination" cannot be denied; for example, no one can deny that a man with a firm conviction that such a success will be achieved by him, or such a danger avoided, will be far more likely to gain his desire, other conditions being equal, than one of a pessimistic turn of mind.

    Bygone Beliefs

  • I was very pleased to be able to accept the invitation to deliver the 1999 Schuman Lecture, both because of my long and enduring interest in Europe and its history, and also my firm conviction in the continued importance of ties between Australia and that continent.

    Speech by the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs - 1999 Schuman Day Lecture


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