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  • In zoology, soliped, or solidungulate, as the horse. See soliped.


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  • The men standing firm-footed with their arms outstretched are not your typical yoga students.

    Craig and Marc Kielburger: Healing Soliders' Hidden Wounds

  • When she stumbled, he took her hand and led her securely along firm-footed paths.

    Yon Ill Wind

  • She gripped the rail tightly; she never was firm-footed on the water.

    Songs of the Humpback Whale

  • As she preceded them, firm-footed, up the stairs, Dalgliesh thought that she was younger than she had at first appeared.

    The Murder Room

  • Ar - thur, his face drawn and set in lines of haggard strain, stood firm-footed gazing down at that bard.

    Merlin's Mirror

  • Its eyes are large, black, and full of intelligence, and its delicate hoofs are surrounded by a projecting rim which renders it firm-footed and able to march with ease over the great glaciers or along narrow ledges of rock.

    Harper's Young People, March 23, 1880 An Illustrated Weekly

  • I fell into line alongside a big bronco-buster with his high-heeled boots and his clanking spurs and his bandy-legged, firm-footed horseman's stride.

    The River and I

  • With a low word and a passionately intent expression, David got to his feet, picked up his violin, and hurried, firm-footed, down the driveway and out upon the main highway, turning in the direction from whence he had come with his father the night before.

    Just David

  • His dogs were leaping in perfect rhythm, firm-footed, close to the trail, and Wolf

    The God of His Fathers: Tales of the Klondyke

  • Every Sunday afternoon, in fair weather, he came to teach Myles the art, and being wonderfully adept in bodily feats, he soon grew so quick and active and firm-footed that he could cast any lad under twenty years of age living within a range of five miles.

    Men of Iron


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