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  • v. To deplete the supply of fish in a given body of water.
  • v. To search for by rummaging, and then extract (an item from e.g. a container).


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  • He had a low fire going, and he had called two fish out of the Licking River.

    He Don't Know Him

  • I delve in the pockets of my sweat-soaked Harris Tweed and fish out a card: Brian Sinclair, accredited interpreter, resident in a post-office box in Brixton.

    the mission song

  • In free-fall they were like fish out of water, they acted like they were dying.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • Mrs. Adie, with a flush on her high cheek-bones and her usually neat hair quite dishevelled, was reaching forward to fish out Judy's "fortune"; and, opposite, the six fire-fit faces were awaiting, with varying degrees of credulity, her next pronouncement.

    Mrs. Miniver

  • Because, they are fish out of water, many of the poor wretches here — except the Third-Years, of course.

    Laurels are Poison

  • The larger man's eyes bugged out, his mouth moved like a gasping fish out of water, and he went limp in Troy's arms, who then dropped him in the puddle of diet soda on the floor.

    You Suck

  • Her finger shifted toward a laughing hulk of a man digging into the ice chest to fish out two beers, passing one to Crusty.

    Strategic Engagement

  • I was wont to pull naught but fish out of this Tigris, but now it yieldeth nothing but apes.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night


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