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  • n. Pisciculture.


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  • First minister Alex Salmond crowed that the Scottish fish-farming industry may need to double salmon production to satisfy Chinese demand.

    You're so wrong about salmon, Mr Salmond | Andrew Flitcroft

  • Under details of the Gulf council's plan, ten-year permits for offshore fish-farming would be issued, subject to renewal every five years, with an annual limit on total, Gulf farmed fish output of 64 million pounds.

    Susan Buchanan: Feds Unveil Plan for Offshore Gulf Fish Farms

  • Pity the thousands of expensive tropical fish who died along the way as a Singapore family tried to figure out fish-farming.

    Swimming Upstream

  • Oh, yes, and Yap has just published a business book on the management lessons he's learned from fish-farming, each chapter starring a different variety of fish he raises.

    Swimming Upstream

  • It's always hard to say how much this kind of personal branding contributes to the success of a business, especially one like fish-farming that's easy to enter but hard to master.

    Swimming Upstream

  • He seamlessly integrates the decline of wild fish with the rise of fish-farming, noting rightly that humanity is in the process of domesticating the oceans, as we long ago tamed the land, and that eliminating all but a few primary food species is a natural consequence.

    Endangered sea: Julia Whitty's 'Deep Blue Home' and Paul Greenberg's 'Four Fish'

  • Originally into fishing and fish-farming, his first job on leaving school was working on a campsite and offering sailing instruction.

    Mull: where having a job means you do anything

  • I become giddy as I read an account of backyard fish-farming in the January 1972 issue of the journal Organic Gardening and Farming.


  • And governments around the world are taking steps to manage fishing and fish-farming with the health of ecosystems in mind.

    Julie Packard: Turning the Tide for Seafood

  • Dimas Ardian for The Wall Street Journal On a fish-farming operation, you can always tell when it's feeding time.

    The Pots of Plered


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