from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A self-propelling torpedo. See torpedo.
  • noun A cartridge designed to be exploded under water for the purpose of killing fish.


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  • Finally they would touch the living rag at the bottom, -- the gelatinous flesh of the fish-torpedo, -- receiving a series of electric shocks which quickly made them loosen their prey, laughing and raising the other hand to their jerking arms.

    Mare Nostrum (Our Sea) A Novel

  • "No," said Poole, as he lay back gazing at the gunboat through his half-closed eyes, and in imagination saw the little thread-like appearance formed by the disturbed water as a fish-torpedo ploughed its way along; "we didn't bring anything of the kind."

    Fitz the Filibuster

  • Instead of making futile efforts to break his bonds like them, he lowered his hairy head, and, with a howl and a tremendous rush, like a fish-torpedo, launched himself, or, as it were, took "a header," into the fiery man!

    Blue Lights Hot Work in the Soudan

  • The celebrated Whitehead fish-torpedo, beautiful and cleverly contrived though it be, can only advance straight to its object at a certain depth below the surface; but mine, as you see, by this arrangement of the main pneumatic engine, which connects the watch-work regulator with an eccentric wheel or fin outside, causes the torpedo to describe a curve of any size, and in any direction, during its progress.

    In the Track of the Troops

  • Soon the savages gained the reef, carried their canoe swiftly over, and launched on the open sea, cutting through the great rollers like a rocket or a fish-torpedo.

    The Island Queen

  • Robin, who had seen him tip over, being a good swimmer, and prompt to act, went through the same hole like a fish-torpedo, and caught the brown boy by the hair, as he rose to the surface with staring eyes, outspread fingers, and a bursting cry.

    The Battery and the Boiler Adventures in Laying of Submarine Electric Cables

  • Whitehead's fish-torpedo, the Harvey torpedo, and others. "

    In the Track of the Troops


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