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  • n. People who fish for a living.
  • n. Members of a culture that is dominated by fishing.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Those whose occupation is catching fish.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fisher + folk; compare fisherman.


  • Harmful investments to the detriment of local populations – so-called land grabbing – can only be warded off if we first secure the underlying rights of farmers, herders and fisherfolk.

    UN expert calls for guidelines to protect vulnerable people against 'land grabs'

  • However I do recall seeing more striper fisherfolk standing up to their armpits in surf than I'd ever seen when I went to Monomoy to do some research.

    Striped Bass Are Gamefish

  • Last Wednesday night, Kerry Heffernan, head chef for Central Park's South Gate Restaurant, prepared a delectable feast based on four exotic invasive varieties of seafood: green crab known to most fisherfolk as bait for blackfish, Asian carp, lionfish and blue tilapia.

    Leslie Hatfield: Summer's Coolest Culinary Trend: Invasive Species

  • We hunters/fisherfolk are now more in need of community than ever and these blogs are an excellent place to gain that sense of unity.

    Home Stretch

  • This is distinctly an infringement of the rights of the fisherfolk of Fitu-Iva.


  • Nam-Bok was likewise puzzled, and as he looked up and down the line found no welcome in the eyes of the fisherfolk.

    Nam-Bok, the Unveracious

  • Then a hush fell upon the fisherfolk, and only was heard the moan of the off-shore wind and the cries of the gulls flying low in the air.

    Nam-Bok, the Unveracious

  • So the sodden coast, with its long inside reaches and huge mud-land archipelagoes, was avoided by the ships of men, and the fisherfolk knew not that such things were.

    Nam-Bok, the Unveracious

  • The fisherfolk applauded with their hands, and gathering about them their work, prepared to listen.

    Nam-Bok, the Unveracious

  • But he was none the less a striking personage to these simple fisherfolk of the great Yukon Delta, who, all their lives, had stared out on

    Nam-Bok, the Unveracious


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