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  • n. Plural form of fishkeeper.


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  • ‘Organic materials, says one fishkeepers’ guide with an airy wave of its hand … but that definition covers a whole lot of ground.

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  • The discovery was made after Karatsu and some other Japanese fishkeepers had travelled to Peru and explored around the Rio Mayo near the town of Tarapato, catching specimens in small blackwater forest streams.

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  • In short, if it's to do with fish, we tend to cover it and do it in a way that appeals to fishkeepers.

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  • I've overheard fishkeepers talk about over-fishing, environmental disasters, hydroelectric plants and export restrictions as reasons behind this fish's scarcity in the aquarium trade, but I've not heard anything from the academic community concerning their status in the wild.

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  • Quite a lot of fishkeepers who start with goldfish quickly move on to a tropical aquarium.

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  • This largely herbivorous species was once a common aquarium fish, but the species has become less common as the keeping of larger-growing species has fallen out of favour and many shops have become unwilling to re-home fish purchased by fishkeepers unable to adequately meet their long-term needs.

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  • Practical Fishkeeping advises all fishkeepers to carefully consider all new fish purchases and to never illegally release any unwanted aquarium fish into the wild.

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  • Owing to misadvertisements from the manufacturers, often showing an unrealistic number of fish in these tiny tanks, many new fishkeepers believe that they can keep an entire school of fish in a one-gallon aquarium.

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  • Aquarium: While previous generations have subjected goldfish to life within small, unfiltered glass goldfish bowls, modern fishkeepers know that these are entirely unsuitable for the fish.

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  • Their cute appearance makes them a popular variety with female fishkeepers.

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