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  • n. The cultivation of fish as a hobby.


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fish +‎ keeping


  • Still, in really simplistic terms I like to give the following example from my fishkeeping days.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • There was also the BiOrb Life, new Eheim tanks, LED lighting, tons of T5 and some seriously sexy fishkeeping kit from Elos, not to mention the now well known Dennerle nano cube and the then brand new Caridina sp.

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  • Probably going through a mid-life crisis and swapping fishkeeping for fast cars and loose women!

    Practical Fishkeeping

  • I have considered a change and pursuing fishkeeping and/or photography full-time, but with a young family and large mortgage to consider, it's far too risky at the moment.

    Practical Fishkeeping

  • The colours of this tank's corals impact immediately and even our non-fishkeeping magazine designer said: "I can't see the live rock."

    Practical Fishkeeping

  • More than 20 years of general fishkeeping, two years aquascaping.

    Practical Fishkeeping

  • Poland is an emerging fishkeeping country with some great breeders, planted tank and reef enthusiasts.

    Practical Fishkeeping

  • It is a hybrid between two cichlid species and because of anatomical deformities (fish cannot ever close its mouth, swimbladder issues) it has created much controversy within the fishkeeping hobby.


  • In 2009 I will be looking in-depth into greener fishkeeping, and seeing just how green and sustainable I can be, especially with marines.

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  • Angle are aswell exploited for recreation, through angling and fishkeeping, and are frequently apparent in accessible aquaria.

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