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  • noun Plural form of fitness.


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  • If, starting from this point of view, we regard human life as comprising an infinite number of activities of different sorts, operating upon different planes of competition and educating different human "fitnesses," we shall understand how the particular phase of industrial evolution we are considering is related to the wider philosophic view of life.

    The Evolution of Modern Capitalism A Study of Machine Production

  • Different groups have different fitnesses, depending on the proportion of altruists.


  • But if the saved relatives compete with other relatives for reproduction, then their fitnesses have also been affected and need to be factored into the inclusive fitness calculation.


  • This quantity is then augmented by certain fractions of the quantities of harm and benefit which the individual himself causes to the fitnesses of his neighbors.


  • For one, inclusive fitness can only be defined when the fitnesses of all individuals in the population are almost identical, with vanishingly small differences.


  • I really suggest the fitnesses be 1 + 2s : 1 + (1+h)s : 1 so that the exponential exp(s) does not scare people – anyway this is a discrete-generations model, not a continuous-time model.

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  • After considering your comments a bit more I decided to change the help documentation to show the approximate values of the fitnesses.

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  • In effect, the picture the article paints is that information is out there in the shape of the fitness surface — the way fitnesses change as we move among neighboring genotypes.

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  • BTW note that I have phrased this as natural selection “putting information into” the genome to avoid getting tangled in the later Dembski/Marks disputation about whether the information is really new, or whether having the four alleles have different fitnesses means that the information is somehow already there lying around in the shape of the fitness surface.

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  • If we have say 4 alleles, A, C, G, and T, at one site in a DNA sequence, and each is equally frequent, and their fitnesses are equal, except for one which has a higher fitness, then natural selection in a large population will preferentially pick the good one and fix it.

    Random responses to Luskin on evolution of creationism, quotes, and information - The Panda's Thumb


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