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  • Redeemable at any time after five years from date of issue and payable in full at the end of twenty years: applied to certain bonds, commonly called five-twenties, bearing interest payable in gold at the rate of 6 per cent., issued by the United States government in 1862, 1864, and 1865.
  • n. A bond of this kind.


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  • Usually she couldn't really enjoy the last CD, she was so busy dreading the moment when she'd have to stop for the day: five-fifteen, five-twenty at the latest, in order to be downstairs before Lainie got home from track practice, followed just a little later by Dave returning from work.

    Ann Packer's 'Molten': Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature

  • “Put in a five-twenty code,” Murphy told the young operator.


  • It was five-twenty; we could pick up a snack on the way to Pauline Urthiel's place.

    Minnesota Menage

  • Now we see him returning at five-twenty P.M. to collect Miss Delany.

    Silent Scream: An Anna Travis Mystery

  • By five-twenty, she was climbing into a cab and on her way to the Cozumel airport.

    The One Week Wife

  • At five-twenty this afternoon, police arrested Frank Schlater at his home after finding evidence that he may have been behind the recent bomb mailed to the Jackson Hole Hope Center.

    Saving Grace

  • At five-twenty the manager summoned him, complimented him on nothing in particular, and suggested that he stay late with Charley

    Our Mr. Wrenn

  • It was only five-twenty, but there was a twenty-four-hour pharmacy down the street where I could buy a home pregnancy kit.

    Last Lullaby

  • According to the ambulance record, the patient arrived at five-twenty.

    Life Support

  • I suppose it was about five-twenty when we finally drove off. '

    The Murder Room


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