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  • n. Any time close to five o'clock.


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five +‎ -ish


  • The fiveish, Gauri's father, Anand was telling me how in Finland kids are taught cooking skills (ofcourse under parental supervision).

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • A famous pair is split between my institution and one fiveish hours north of here.

    Ferule & Fescue

  • The Baltimore Democrat has teamed up with novelist Marylouise Oates to write the tale of Norie Gorzack, the forty-fiveish wife of a Vietnam MIA who, after being appointed to the Senate, helps solve a series of murders.

    Murder, She Filibustered

  • Must say one notable difference is the level of protection around the Prime Minister, in 1992 it was 3 cars, a handful of local bobbies and fiveish plain clothes special branch.

    Basildon: Conservative Hold

  • The debate of petitions is a good move, as it will ensure that people actually feel involved in the political process for the fiveish years between elections.

    Telegraph Column: The Importance of Parliamentary Reform

  • Just fed-up with politicans who think that only they (as in other politicans) can run the country and we (the mere electors who put a cross in a ballot box every fiveish years) are idiots.

    EXCLUSIVE: Brown to Sugar - You're Hired!

  • It meets my needs and makes a profit for public coffers, so I can't bring myself to oppose it - especially since the amount the gov't would get for selling it off would only be equal to about fiveish years of profits at least according to the numbers they were throwing around last election


  • I know it was already half-light so it must have been after fiveish, an 'I reckon it must have been five thirty or so when I came round.

    High Society

  • Thirty-fiveish, hipster garb: sandals, Beethoven sweatshirt.

    Hollywood Nocturne

  • It is a longer sell cycle and it's a part of the business that we haven't put an early focus on if you were to go back fiveish years or so ago, Joe, but over the last several years we have put more resources there and it's beginning to pay a dividend along with the problems that you note in that sector. Home Page


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