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  • In the end, our time is a fixed-size pie, and as we slice it more and more thinly, each slice becomes less satisfying.

    The Time Paradox

  • I spend a few moments cursing the combination of Javascript printing, IE-only access, buttons off the bottom of the screen, strangely placed scrollbars, and fixed-size pop-up windows that are this application.

    2008 July « Attempting Elegance

  • But what evidence do we have that there is only a certain fixed-size lump of “good places” to live?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Evaluating The Two-Income Trap Hypothesis:

  • I had to click, which opened a new, fixed-size window, another pet peeve. Tastes Stale, Flat

  • Chess is finite--there's a fixed-size board and a limited number of moves from every possible configuration of it.

    The 2006 Nebula Award: The Short Story Shortlist

  • As a photovoltaic engineer, if you can arrange to absorb only a fixed-size slice of the sun's spectrum, then you're better to slice it from the red region, because that's where most of the energy is coming out (that's why the sun is hot and yellow looking).

    sexyvoltaic cells

  • Mercantilists argued that the world contained a fixed-size market and that each country had to secure as large a portion of this market as possible, through tariffs and colonization.

    b. Intellectual Developments

  • Much in the way that a RAID 5 storage array "stripes" data across multiple disks to gain protection from failures, GFS distributes files in fixed-size chunks which are replicated across a cluster of servers.

    Ars Technica

  • However, Eric Loewen, chief engineer at GE Hitachi nuclear, claims that the technology should be economically competitive due to its small and fixed-size modular design, which allows it to be produced in an off-site factory.

    The Guardian World News

  • It is a fixed-size control (for uniformity) that displays an image thumbnail box, containing the image thumbnail itself, decorated with the image file name. private ThumbnailsSequence thumbnailsSequence;

    The Code Project Latest Articles


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