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  • noun Plural form of fixity.


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  • He loved the fixities of the morning, the familiar books, the hours alone fruitfully used, the afternoon slipping beautifully by.

    The Master

  • Its basis in the history of ideas was the unsettling of all fixities in the development of evolutionary concep - tions.


  • He lapsed to the commoner persuasion of the great fixities and recurrencies of the human routine.

    The World Set Free

  • The concept of mechanism suits the phenomena which occur within the zone of wreckage, on this shore of fixities and corpses.

    A New Philosophy: Henri Bergson

  • For the scholar the hour is not an interval, but a coincidence, an instantaneous arrangement, and time is resolved into a dust of fixities, as in those pneumatic clocks in which the hand moves forward in jerks, marking nothing but a sequence of pauses.

    A New Philosophy: Henri Bergson

  • We are glad to be driven from false, automatic fixities, anyhow.

    Fantasia of the Unconscious

  • In the succession of the seasons, the rising and setting, the fixities and aberrations, of the heavenly bodies, in the mysteries of coming into being and passing out of it, in these and other similar marvels, and in the thoughts which they evoked,

    A Short History of Greek Philosophy

  • Concepts, being themselves fixities, agree best with this fixed nature of truth, so that for any knowledge of ours to be quite true it must be knowledge by universal concepts rather than by particular experiences, for these notoriously are mutable and corruptible.

    A Pluralistic Universe Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College on the Present Situation in Philosophy

  • FANCY, on the contrary, has no other counters to play with, but fixities and definites.

    Biographia Literaria

  • As shall be seen in chapter three this leads to questions regarding the current theoretical understanding of such time held fixities such as money and its opportunity cost.

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