flabbergastingly love



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  • adv. Surprisingly, astonishingly or amazingly


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

flabbergasting + -ly


  • It's kind of flabbergastingly amazing how much I can get done in an hour with no wireless connection and, also, I must admit there's an added bonus of the spy quality of being hidden.

    Oh Woe: Time & Sanctions

  • Yet the verdict of her producer, called in to defend the edition, damningly indicated under-performance: "Melanie did not go over the top," she coolly declared, flabbergastingly suggesting the combative interlocutor has no longer got what it takes.

    Media Monkey's Diary

  • A week later, after several flabbergastingly fruitless attempts to gain information by phone, I return.

    Best Buy Might Replace Your Lemon Of A Laptop If It Breaks A Sixth Time. Probably Not. - The Consumerist

  • At that time Orwell was not at all famous, but Connolly got the point of him early on, even if he did not allow for the fact that here was an author who would adopt a child rather than have a hallway without a pram in it (and even if he could come up with the flabbergastingly inane view that Dorian Gray was, of all extraordinary things, “not necessary”).

    Arrested Development

  • They quietly nodded their heads, identified with me and shared their version of their story which sounded flabbergastingly like mine.

    Dr. Tian Dayton: Diane Schuler: Further Discussion

  • But why not stick with bribery, forgery, reliance on drunk informants, and simply pulling flabbergastingly audacious claims straight out of your ass?

    Torture Is Foreplay for War

  • Hissinkfit's efforts though eclipse everything that we ever came up with, and they are all the more flabbergastingly hilarious for the fact that he apparently has a Masters, and that he genuinely believes in what he concocts.

    Rabett Run

  • Can I just say, first of all, that you all are completely, flabbergastingly, heart-warmingly WONDERFUL?

    You're All Winners - A Dress A Day

  • Respect your elders, but realize some of them are flabbergastingly moronic.

    Q&A: Brian Sack, Adman Turned Advice Man: Eric Spitznagel

  • Or is this an actual person who is just this flabbergastingly oblivious?

    Firedoglake » The Dividing Line of Torture


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