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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a flag (cloth emblem).


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flag +‎ -like


  • Naval engineers contrived a box in which melted ice water saturated flaglike cloths over which a fan blew hot air.

    Air Conditioning

  • She shook her head, and began to leaf through the pages again, but so far as she could see, the slim volume held no words for spells, and nothing resembling music, not even the flaglike medieval tablature she vaguely remembered from her graduate days.

    The Soprano Sorceress

  • At one point Vitarius slipped; such was the wind that for an instant he floated flaglike from the taut arm of Eldia.

    Conan the Fearless

  • It snatched them away again, flapping them flaglike.

    The Way of the Wind

  • The day of my furtive visit was sober and already waning, with a breeze in which the fountains streamed flaglike, and with a gentle sky on which the population of statues above the colonnades defined themselves in leisure attitudes, so recognizable all that I am sure if they had come down and taken me by the hand we could have called one another by name without a moment's hesitation.

    Roman Holidays, and Others

  • "Heat" 1919, a smoldering flaglike field of wide bands of orange, deep yellow and olive green dotted with the figures of Stettheimer, her sisters Ettie, Carrie and Stella and their revered mother, Rosetta.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Ralph Lauren, Petropoulos has produced a series of flaglike paintings, all horizontal rectangles of flag-ish proportions, rendered in oil on linen, with compositions inspired by pairings of national flags.

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue

  • The flaglike object on a pole is a solar wind experiment.

    Wired Top Stories

  • The badges are like bumper stickers for your blog, featuring images of the Illinois Senator, his vaguely-African-rising-sun-over-the-flaglike-cornfield logo, and phrases like "I'm Voting for Barack Obama" and "I Support Barack Obama," or simply variations on the "Obama '08" theme.

    Daily Digest: 7/27/07

  • Those were years of universal fluidity; well-oiled metals performed silent soundless acrobatics; the harmonious lines of men's suits were dictated by the unheard-of limberness of muscular bodies; the flowing glass of enormous windows curved around corners of buildings; a girl in a bathing suit flew like a swallow so high over a pool that it seemed no larger than a saucer; a high-jumper lay supine in the air, having already made such an extreme effort that, if it were not for the flaglike folds of his shorts, he would seem to be in lazy repose; and water ran, glided endlessly; the gracefulness of falling water, the dazzling details of bathrooms; the satiny ripples of the ocean with a two-winged shadow falling on it.

    Archive 2006-08-01


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