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  • n. flame postings considered as a group


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flame +‎ -age


  • No more said because the risk of a flamage is high ...

    REVIEW: Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)

  • This is an honest question, and not one designed to generate internet flamage.

    Cherie Priest » Blog Archive » Of Gods and Women

  • After destroying the classic episodes of Star Trek by cramming the TV screen full of trivia popups and fanboy flamage (I mean seriously, its like the episodes are an afterthought, they don't even show them in fullscreen, but in a window!), G4 has announced plans to bring the suck (and I don't mean Wesley Crusher) to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    December 2006

  • As a refugee from Usenet, I had been looking for something that would provide me a little writer's discipline, avoid the time wasting cyber equivalent of phone-in talk shows with their flamage and assorted grotesqueries, and encourage a harder look at current events.

    Archive 2005-08-01

  • I smell a big fat failure … flame away … but remember in the end I will be right and you will have spilled your best flamage on a retarded service.

    Dig into the Music Long Tail – Pandora

  • I can't let fly with some of the flamage I'd dearly love to, because that would harm my credibility and lose my audience.

    June 10th, 2004

  • Further to last night's post on Lewis - I recognise I haven't created a very welcoming atmosphere there for any Christians or Lewis fans who'd like to comment, so if you'd like to respond to *this* message, I'll ask all visitors to refrain from flamage, indignation etc.

    F.Q. 2

  • It turns out that this very thing is the subject of some flamage on the postfix-users mailing list.

    December 2nd, 2002

  • This spares the user who is sufficiently sophisticated from further flamage, but it does nothing to stop the problem at its source.

    The Big Dummies' Guide to the Internet Version 2.0 : Preface and Introduction

  • Posters to the security newsgroups should note that they currently risk a great deal of flamage if they use the word "hacker" in place of

    FAQ: Computer Security: Almost Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Asked (Version 2.2)


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