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  • n. Plural form of flashflood.


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  • At least 67 people are dead or missing from the landslides and flashfloods caused by the heaviest rainfalls in a century to hit the Seoul region.

    Asia in Pictures

  • Already the bad weather has exacted a toll: flashfloods killed over 100 people in Papua recently, and floods sent families scrambling for shelter in the capital Jakarta.

    La Nina Creates Concerns About Indonesia's Harvest

  • This year, sudden, heavy downpours -- some lasting several days -- caused lethal flashfloods in Rhode Island, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

    Cecil B. Wilson, M.D.: Climate Change Endangers Public Health in the United States

  • Two days of torrential rains leading to flashfloods. 31 people are dead.

    CNN Transcript Sep 10, 2009

  • With all these continuing cutting of trees in that part of Samar, it wouldn't be remote when the people in the lowlands will suffer the same fate as that of Southern Leyte when flashfloods came rumbling down because no trees could hold the strong onslaught of rampaging water down the mountains.

    Samar's forests dwindling fast

  • Will ice, snow, even flashfloods keep voters at home?

    CNN Transcript Mar 4, 2008

  • They call these the chalk cliffs because they look chalky, and also because we've got hot springs underneath this soil which kind of bubble up and loosen the soil, making them -- this area even more susceptible to flashfloods and mudslides.

    CNN Transcript Jul 23, 2007

  • The National Weather Service describes that area in the chalky bluffs as being flashy, meaning that the soil is susceptible to seeing flashfloods and mudslides like we saw there.

    CNN Transcript Jul 23, 2007

  • Rains triggered flashfloods across the area, prompting some high-water rescues.

    CNN Transcript Apr 26, 2007

  • At least five people still missing from flashfloods.

    CNN Transcript Jun 19, 2007


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