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  • n. Plural form of flashforward.


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  • In a format-breaking 'flashforwards' set three years in the future we also learned that at least Jack and Kate do make it off the Island, but Jack at least thinks it was a mistake and desperately wants to return.

    Archive 2008-03-01

  • My hope with Lost is that they had the time travel element in mind from the beginning, and maybe, just maybe, they might be setting us up for something brilliant, tying in stuff from season one, all the flashbacks and flashforwards — but is that wishful thinking on my part?

    Sci Fi TV Briefs – Lost Goes a Bit too Far with Time Travel; Dollhouse Wraps Up

  • I have to admit that I miss the flashbacks, but not the flashforwards – those were driving me batty.

    Television Review – Lost Season 5

  • Mark questions Lloyd about a phone conversation from their flashforwards, while Aaron seeks out the Jericho. » Watch FlashForward Season 1 Episode 13 | Online Episodes

  • Their helpful article, Time Travel for Dummies, goes a long way to help people understand that the time travel is really just a form of the flashbacks/flashforwards that have always been a part of the show.

    February 2009

  • What the new flashforwards herald, and whether the ultimate date really did mean the end of everything.

    The heat is on…the A/C isn’t : Bev Vincent

  • What I wanted was some sense that the "sideways" narrative structure of the final season would somehow be of a piece with the often brilliant storytelling throughout the series, with its flashbacks and flashforwards and flash-somethings involving hiccups of time travel.

    Tom Gliatto: Yes, I Am Still Mad at LOST

  • My early fear was that we, the viewer, might eventually find out what the connection is, but the characters would be oblivious, the same way insight provided by flashbacks and flashforwards (and how they relate to island life) was sometimes hidden from the characters (especially in instances where they crossed paths off the island).

    The Most Important Moment From Last Week's Lost

  • There though we know from the start what caused the flashforwards and it's more about how the characters are dealing with what they find out and whether they can change their 'destinies'.

    David Goyer Leaving FlashForward | /Film

  • We've gone from flashbacks, to flashforwards, to time travel, to alternative storylines.

    Get Ready: LOSTCasts 80 - Season 6 Premiere


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