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  • adj. lacking a prominent belly


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  • Now who, pray tell, would want to break a back bottling wine all day when you could lie flat-bellied in a forrest of flowers?

    French Word-A-Day:

  • I'd sooner be flat-bellied of hunger and be your woman, Tommy, than have a potlach every day and be Chief George's klooch. '


  • "Never a whimper; never a pick-me-up-and-carry me .... never a I-told-you-so," and, Tommy says, the Siwash woman told him, "I'd sooner be flat-bellied of hunger and be your woman, Tommy, than have a potlatch every day and be Chief George's klooch."

    “The way of a man with a maid may be too wonderful to know. . .”

  • Backlit against the guttering light, his lean body gleamed strong and sleekly muscled, broad and flat-bellied.

    My Seduction

  • He was in very good shape for a man of sixty-two: still flat-bellied and firm.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • He can play with the young and the flat-bellied anytime but only for a round or two. - Realistic number for Irwin: Zero chance to win

  • The best workingbee is small, round, and speckled: another kind is long and like an anthrene wasp; another kind is what is called the robber-bee, black and flat-bellied; then there is the drone, the largest of all, but devoid of sting, and lazy.

    The History of Animals

  • Even the oldest among them had kept himself in magnificent trim, flat-bellied and warriorlike, no evidence of self-indulgence; though the Romans were not to know it, the Germans killed men who let themselves go to seed.

    The First Man in Rome

  • He was broad-shouldered, flat-bellied, with long and surprisingly heavy legs.

    The Princess

  • Justine thought he had a beautiful body, slim-hipped, flat-bellied.

    The Kaisho


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