from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a flat breast; specifically, in ornithology, ratite; not carinate; having no keel of the breast-bone.


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  • The mosaics of the Apse displayed a Christ with face of pitiless intellect, or a pinched, flat-breasted virgin holding a child like a wooden doll.

    Later Articles and Reviews

  • High of cheekbones she was, long-chinned and thin-lipped; her skin was fine and white, but without ruddiness; flat-breasted she was, and narrow-hipped.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles

  • Yes, and how to explain the flat-breasted super model?

    The Science of Large Breasts, and Other Evolutionary Verities - Freakonomics Blog -

  • A heavy, course-featured woman, thin hair streaked with gray, flat - backed, flat-breasted, sat beside the rude bed, silent, motionless, awaiting an end that she had so often watched in the sullen ferocity that is of beast rather than of man.

    A Fool There Was

  • She wore the same flat-breasted black frock in which Campion had first seen her.

    Police at the Funeral

  • A white-haired patriarch, with eyes raised to the sky; a flat-breasted woman whose child was gone, whose weakness made her valueless.

    The Crisis — Volume 01

  • The majority are flat-breasted, short-minded, sallow, and poor looking -- creatures of the loom, their knees bent with much silting.

    The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann Volume I

  • How narrow-shouldered the men, how flat-breasted the women!

    Essays in Rebellion

  • Thin, flat-breasted, with pointed shoulders and a face like that of a pole-cat, her features singularly sunken and attenuated, it was not easy to tell her age; she looked as near fifteen as thirty, although she was in reality only nineteen, four years younger than her husband.

    The Fortune of the Rougons

  • Now it was afternoon, and the day hot and hazy, and we stood on the very lip of the land wearied with hope and fear, and striving to keep good countenance to each other; and there came a boat unto the shore gaily painted and gilded, and bedight with silken cloths and cushions; and the steerer thereof was a woman, not young, by seeming of fifty winters; red-haired she was, thin-lipped and narrow-eyed, flat-breasted and strait-hipped; an ungoodly woman, though her skin was white and smooth as for her age.

    The Water of the Wondrous Isles


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