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  • n. asystole; the absence of heart contractions
  • n. the disappearance of the rhythmic peaks displayed on a heart monitor
  • v. (of the heart) to stop beating
  • v. (by extension) to die
  • v. To stay at the same level, without development; or, to fall.


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flat +‎ line.


  • The beeping the pilot heard was "flatline" - the long continously beep meaning "you are about to die unless you deploy your canopy NOW" it's the same sound as in heart monitors), which apparently caused him to stop the fast dive, since canopy deployment was logged at 1500 feet :-)

    Back at work again - short week ahead!

  • Feel free to insert your own "flatline" or "Flatland" joke here although we strongly frown on juvenile and misogynistic humor, so don't even go there, please.

    Chris Weigant: Obama Poll Watch -- November, 2010

  • Did they "flatline" with the same % vote as last year or did they go down?

    Just How Bad Was It for the LibDems? LibDem Voice Comes of Age

  • Mr Crook, who expects the economy to "flatline" this year, is axing 90 jobs at the firm's Bradford head office. - Home

  • One long "flatline" beep coming from computer after moving


  • The federal goverment's funding for infrastructure will "flatline" in 2012, Warner said, which will make it difficult to pay for new road and transit projects, or even maintenance.

    FUGville Weblogs

  • No. He's had a huge part in the strategy which took the Tories off the "flatline" of around

    Chris Whiteside's Blog

  • In fact, death is a process that begins when the heart stops beating and the lungs stop breathing, and as a consequence, within a few seconds the brain ceases functioning and enters into a "flatline" state.

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  • Patchy results in all price ranges have seen the rate "flatline" at 54 per cent this month, following a week-long dip to 53 per cent on November 1.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • Although many independent studies have shown that the brain reaches a "flatline" state during clinical death, it has consistently been shown that 10 to 20 percent of people who are revived back to life report some activity of the mind and consciousness in the form of lucid, well-structured thought processes with reasoning and memory formation as well as the ability to "see" and "hear" actual events (which have in some cases been confirmed by hospital staff), raising the intriguing possibility that the mind and consciousness could continue functioning after we have reached the point of death and the brain has "flatlined."

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