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  • noun A colorless crystalline compound, C15H12O2, derived from flavone.

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  • noun organic chemistry Any of a class of flavonoid ketones, many of which occur in nature as glycosides


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[flav(o)– + –an(e) + –one.]


  • His persistent studies of biological oxidation led to the recognition of the catalytic function of the C4-dicarboxylic acids, the discovery of «cytoflav» (flavin) and a recognition of the biological activity and probable vitamin nature of flavanone

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  • Of the five flavanone derivatives tested, only 7,4-dihydroxyflavanone was mutagenic, showing weak activity.

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  • The flavonoids, apigenin, flavone, flavanone, hesperidin, naringin, and tangeretin promoted the ascorbic acid-induced lipid peroxidation, the extent of which depended upon the concentration of the flavonoid and ascorbic acid.

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  • Genetic control of flavanone 3-hydroxylase activity and flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase activity in Antirrhinum majus (Snapdragon).

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  • Analysis of flavanone 3-hydroxylase in Arabi - dopsis seedlings.

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  • Matern, U.: The monomeric polypep - tide comprises the functional flavanone 3b-hydroxylase from Petunia hy - brida.

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  • The present study developed an LC-MS/MS method to characterize two pairs of flavanone 7-glycoside isomers, i.e., hesperidin versus neohesperidin and naringin versus isonaringin.

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  • Pieper, U.; Matern, U.: Site-directed mutagenesis of the active site serine290 in flavanone

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  • Planta, 155, 176-182 (1982) [9] Forkmann, G.; Heller, W.; Grisebach, H.: Anthocyanin biosynthesis in flow - ers of Matthiola incana flavanone 3 - and flavonoid 3'-hydroxylases.

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  • 224, 279-288 (1990) [12] Lukacin, R.; Britsch, L.: Identification of strictly conserved histidine and arginine residues as part of the active site in Petunia hybrida flavanone 3b-hydroxylase.

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