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  • adj. Consisting of, prepared with, or relating to meat or meat products.

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  • adj. Alternative form of fleischig.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Yiddish fleyshik, from fleysh, meat, from Middle High German vleisch, meat, from Old High German fleisc, flesh.


  • The soup commemorated the mitzva of sending away the mother bird, because it featured a fleishig egg (an egg extracted from a live chicken) inside a noodle nest in sparrow, dove and pigeon broth. - Front Page

  • Her fleishig (meat) stove is against a different wall.

    Chicago Reader

  • Her double sink has two drain boards so the milchig and fleishig pots, pans, dishes, and silver never touch each other.

    Chicago Reader

  • She reaches over for a cup, but opens the cupboard where the fleishig (meat) dishes were kept (my parents weren't very religious, but kept kosher at home back then).

    Wired Campus

  • The hair gets to a lot of people, but I wasn't as moved by that as I was by the suitcases, with everyone's names on it; and the shoes, and how bad a shape most of the soles were in -- real poor Jews; and surprisingly, the hundreds of pots and pans, all in just three colors: red, blue and white, for milchig, fleishig and parve.

    tabloid baby

  • One of the options under consideration includes having students and student leadership prepare meals in USC Hillel's fleishig kitchen, just as UCLA Hillel does each week at its facility to reduce expenses.


  • The separation of milk and meat, milchig and fleishig, represented, in Rosenfeld's unsophisticated quasi-Freudian code, the separation of men and women; and the ban on treif was really a ban on sexual contact with non-Jews.

    The New Republic - All Feed

  • Drink or don’t drink hechshered wine based on values, if you feel strongly about the clarifying agents being vegan, they make vegan wines, and you can be more sure of their vegan characteristics than you can of kosher wines which don’t necessarily avoid non-vegan clarifiers, just non-kosher, or milchig/fleishig ones. sure we should have better labeling. this is one among the many reasons i prefer beer.

    Don’t Drink Unhechshered Wine | Jewschool

  • Specialising in American deli-style food, the cafe is fleishig, open six days a week, and on Saturday night from an hour after Shabbat ends. "

    The Australian Jewish News


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