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  • n. The state or quality of being flexible.

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  • n. The condition or quality of being flexible; flexibility; pliableness; ductility; manageableness; tractableness.

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  • n. the property of being flexible; easily bent or shaped
  • n. the quality of being adaptable or variable


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flexible +‎ -ness


  • The free ride board is best used when it is used in combination with soft and tall footwear, it is no so broad and a but chunkier than the freestyle model, thus with less flexibleness.

    Information And Tips on Snowboarding | Gaming Signal

  • One of my biggest regrets is tolerating, in the name of patience, and in the name of flexibleness, someone who frequented our home when our children were young.

    The Formal Home

  • The flexibleness of the former part of a man’s age, not yet grown up to be headstrong, makes it more governable and safe; and in the afterpart, reason and foresight begin a little to take place, and mind a man of his safety and improvement.

    Some Thoughts Concerning Education. Sections 211-217

  • In nothing could the flexibleness of Hamilton's intellect, or the genuineness of his patriotism, have been more finely shown than in the hearty zeal and transcendent ability with which he now wrote in defence of a plan of government so different from what he would himself have proposed.

    The Critical Period of American History

  • Forest of Dean, and were tinned over with Cornish tin; and the plates proved far better than the German ones, by reason of the toughness and flexibleness of our forest iron.

    Industrial Biography, Iron Workers and Tool Makers

  • Elasticity and flexibleness in the simpler forms of animal life are equivalent to a complex system of limbs in the higher; and we have only to be as wise and wily as the serpent, to perform as difficult feats without the vulgar assistance of hands and feet.


  • I was incapable of that graceful loitering, that flexibleness of mind and body, which excludes the idea of intensity, of every sort, and which constitutes one of the great essentials for success in

    Confession, or, the Blind Heart; a Domestic Story

  • I know it seems that my strategy and plans change within hours but when there is this much volatility and news driving trading, my flexibleness is what has been paying off.

  • III. v.113 (274,4) [bilbo] A _bilbo_ is a Spanish blade, of which the excellence is flexibleness and elasticity.

    Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies

  • My choice may be the middle ones as they supply a assistance for my ankle and, on the identical period give enough flexibleness, hence I can hike with them in nearly all terrain. New Blogs and RSS Feeds


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