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  • n. The practice of eating mainly vegetarian food, but making occasional exceptions for social, pragmatic, cultural, or nutritional reasons.


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A combination of flexible + vegetarian + -ism. The earliest known use of the term occurred in the October 17, 1992, issue of the Austin American-Statesman, article by Linda Anthony, Acorn serves up 'flexitarian fare'.


  • Newsweek has an article about flexitarianism which is the phenomenon of being vegetarian but eating meat occasionally.

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  • Also, w/r/t your quest for flexitarianism: try this tofu recipe.

    The Flexitarian Quest Continues (A Middle Eastern Riff on Bittman's Bean Burgers)

  • Sir Paul's passion for the sea goes back to Yellow Submarine and encompasses his stout vegetarianism- no fish-eating "flexitarianism" for him since a Damascene conversion during an angling trip to Tennessee in the Seventies.

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  • Call it flexitarianism, conscious meat consumption, or low meat eating, lots of people are saving the flesh for special occasions and adopting a veg-centric diet.

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  • Advocates call it flexitarianism, but critics say being a little bit vegetarian is like being a little bit pregnant.


  • They will view flexitarianism as "good enough", which is false. do you have a source for your "97-98\% of people that say they are vegetarians cannot adhere to a 100\% vegetarian diet" claim?


  • Not to mention that flexitarianism is still an omnivorous diet.


  • The reason I am frustrated by flexitarianism is that it's whole premise is the vegetarianism is "too hard".


  • Blatner's book promotes flexitarianism as a way to control weight.

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    Charlotte Hilton Andersen: The Recession Makes People Eat Less Meat, But More Fast Food


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