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  • n. Plural form of flightpath.


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  • I write digital fiction – look at www. and www. for some examples – and I am very interested in thinking about the future of fiction and what the digital age could mean for writers and readers.

    Arabian Nights « Tales from the Reading Room

  • I grew up on a flight path, it's not pleasant but I don't see how we can avoid flightpaths unless we build a new airport literally in the middle of nowhere.

    In Praise of Nimby`s

  • Despite it's role, too, in damaging children's educational attainment, through jet pauses in classrooms under flightpaths, plus the quality of life of millions.

    Hit and Myth

  • CTraid assist works to make the health, buffs and aim of each player visible to all and particularly to the raid leader, auctioneer gathers information about the auction houses and makes a lot of additional information available about each object you pick up, atlas offers maps of the unmappable instances, other options displays the time of spells put on you, benvolent or malicious, flightpaths, or your readiness to role-play or not.

    UI mods and HUD

  • Meanwhile you can watch out for a spate of research papers coming soon from a university team near you that will discuss the changing levels of various pollutants, the effects on wildlife and the wellbeing of people living below approach flightpaths, oh and a few from ornithologists who've been able to monitor birdsong in those places for the first time in years.

    SciScoop Science News

  • For the last 10 years of my life I've lived close to the flightpaths in Dublin Airport so flashing lights through the sky are generally accompaned with some aircraft noise.

    Things that strike me

  • Early indications pointed to a disastrous collision between at least one engine and birds, which are widespread in the flightpaths outside New York.

    The Daily Star

  • Korean carriers in avoiding North Korean airspace, although other regional carriers were not altering their flightpaths.

    Yahoo! News: Top Stories

  • Or you can fire shorter range pop-up interceptors from closer to exactly under the flight path … but then you need interceptors within one intercept radii of all the credible flightpaths attacking the US, and you need a lot of interceptor launch sites.


  • They have presented awards to airlines that attempt to reduce noise by ensuring 95pc of their departures follow the flightpaths.

    Manchester Evening News - RSS Feed


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