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  • n. Plural form of flimflammer.


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  • Stanford did the cha-cha with a clutch of shady Caribbean con men, pols, and flimflammers.

    Bill Katovsky: Sanford vs. Stanford: Which One is the Philander and Which One is the Swindler?

  • We expected that one or two of the ministers besides Marjoe might turn out to be crooked, but to our surprise all four were conspicuous flimflammers.

    Sarah Kernochan: Sympathy for the Evangelicals

  • The skin-game artists and shilabers, cheaters, flimflammers, and medicine men flock to these gatherings as flies to a picnic.

    David Lannarck, Midget An Adventure Story

  • New York, I knew, was full of high-class international crooks and flimflammers who had flocked there because the great field of their operations in Europe was closed.

    The Treasure-Train

  • Slick lobbyists and flimflammers did not make it that way.

    Corpus Christi Caller Times, Stories

  • This week, IT types got to pick through Apple's new servers, music fans got to pay less -- or sometimes more -- for a fix, and flimflammers may be trying to lure app developers into a scheme to wring cash from cracked iTunes gift cards.

    E-Commerce Times

  • Bernanke's job is to step in and put an end to the hanky-panky, not add to the problems by restoring a credit-generating regime that transferred hundreds of billions of dollars from ordinary hard-working people to fat cat banksters and Wall Street flimflammers.

    Dissident Voice

  • Her "profes", master "mapaches" (raccoons or electoral flimflammers) sabotaged voting booths all over the country, stuffing ballot boxes and altering tally sheets when they favored the frontrunner Lopez Obrador.


  • I’m posting this in hopes that it’ll be spammed by the spivs, and this time I’ll let the links stand, because if you’re reading this because you followed a link from one of those fraudulent, deceptive, double-dealing swindlers; or you see a link below from one of those scam artists, flimflammers, or snake oil salesmen, then you’re duly warned: caveat emptor.

    Australia is a shit-hole for flakey fuckwits « We Don't Count Your Own Visits To Your Blog


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