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  • adj. having limbs that are used as flippers


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  • Her name was Frances Oldham, not that we remember that, and the drug thalidomide, which we have also just about forgotten, caused horrifying birth defects such as flipper-like arms and legs in countries where it was used to treat morning sickness during pregnancy.

    Meet D.C.'s new mayor

  • With a relaxed, tranquil stroke that belied the fierce power in his legs and flipper-like feet, the Australian kept gaining ground, drawing even and finally touching the wall with a confident lunge.

    "I'm not going to lie. The thought really crossed my mind for a split-second, 'There's no way.'"

  • It's the beak-like snout and flipper-like limbs that confuse folks.

    CNN Transcript Jul 31, 2008

  • It ` s the beak-like snout and flipper-like limbs that confuse folks.

    CNN Transcript Aug 1, 2008

  • The light causes a chemical bond to kink or unkink, producing a flipper-like motion in the two prongs of the molecule.

    Molecular Machinery Gets Off The Blocks | Blog | Futurismic

  • Instead of hands and fingers, each forearm tapered until it split again into a pair of flexible gray flanges that looked oddly clumsy and flipper-like but were doubtless capable of sufficient manipulation with which to raise a civilization.

    Running from the Deity

  • Harry struck out once more, marveling at how far and fast his flipper-like feet propelled him through the vater, and noticing how clearly he could see, and how he no longer seemed to need to blink.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • He had a single flipper-like appendage at the back of his rounded belly, but he did not appear to use it to move.

    The Mad Ship

  • Their own wings were still small and flipper-like when, about the first of August, they were spending the day, as they often did, in a small cove.

    Bird Stories

  • I heard their flipper-like, embryotic wings beating sleepily as the birds stretched and yawned their beaks and clacked them, preparing for slumber.

    In Search of the Unknown


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