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  • n. Plural form of flocculant.


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  • Reuters/China Daily Paramilitary soldiers poured flocculants into a tank filled with water samples from the polluted river at a hydropower plant in Liuzhou.

    China Rushes to Clean Up Cadmium Spill

  • OTHER: Peeled roots and branches are excellent flocculants (Tana River).

    Chapter 7

  • Certain chemical stabilizers work in this way, including certain acids, polymers, flocculants, etc.

    Chapter 6

  • Common flocculants are: Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate), calcium chloride, calcium nitrate and borax.

    8. Preparation of glazes

  • Sodium silicate and soda ash are the most common deflocculants and they are prepared in the same way as flocculants.

    8. Preparation of glazes

  • CAUTION: Binders, deflocculants or flocculants should only be added after the glaze is ball-milled.

    8. Preparation of glazes

  • - Addition of frit as a body flux may also introduce flocculants, since the frit may be slightly soluble.

    7. Slip casting

  • - Natural clays contain soluble salts, and these will act as flocculants, increasing the necessary amount of deflocculants.

    7. Slip casting

  • Although bacteria have a slight advantage over the other microorganisms as a food source because of their higher growth rates and relatively higher protein content and sulphur-containing amino acids (28), they have been objected to because of their size, which makes harvesting difficult without the use of flocculants or thickeners (29).

    Chapter 7

  • The company is also one of Europe's biggest suppliers of flocculants for water treatment and it also makes specialty additives as well as wood protection products.


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