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  • adj. Collected together in a loose aggregation like flocks (tufts) of wool, or coagulated in this way.


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  • Patty, you are not yet ready for the transubstantiation of glauconitic flocculated basalt and therefore I can only explain to not explain.

    First Contact

  • So what Samantha Joye and others are describing, this sort of flocculated oil, sounds very like that sort of a substance.

    Assessing The BP Spill's Impact

  • When I pour the pints of flocculated yeast left in the bottom of my carboy down the sink, I feel a twinge of regret.

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  • When using closed fermentation, rack the beer off of the flocculated yeast when the krausen stops flowing out of the blow-off hose.


  • Insufficiently flocculated and settled water pretreated by complex and unstable processes will create operational difficulties even for the simple and sturdy slow sand filters.

    8. Classification of roughing filters

  • In this process, the fermentable substrate is pumped upward through a column containing high concentrations (70-90 g per liter) of flocculated yeast (Figure 18).

    3 Ethanol Production

  • In a tower fermenter, the substrate is pumped upward through a column containing high concentrations of flocculated yeast.

    3 Ethanol Production

  • The flocculated starch is described as being somewhere between flakes and crumble.

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  • Stage I, where the solids are flocculated (encouraged to glom together) and settled out of the stream., where the organic content is removed.

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  • A) Clay particles are attracted to one another in a flocculated slip.

    7. Slip casting


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