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  • n. A nearly level alluvial plain formed by deposition of land waste by graded or aggrading streams during times of flood.


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  • Twenty-sided stars, falling on the flood-plain like slices of sky.

    This Is My Letter To The World

  • (Alternatively, the forest-owner would pay the flood-plain property owner not to sue for damages from floods.)

    Environmental Economics, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • The imaginary river that fecundates the flood-plain in the brain-pan belongs to the simulacral Troy, parvam Troiam, that Andromache builds in the Aeneid, in captivity, after her city was destroyed.

    An Excess of Reality : Ange Mlinko : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • When I put my nose to the hole I smell the flood-plain of the canal after a hurricane and the spots of green grass where thousands of Irish have lain with a stink and a stink and a stinky-stick.

    Slime Me

  • Found in the southern portion of the extensive flood-plain and delta system of the Karun, Dez, and other major rivers that rise in the northwest Zagros Mountains.

    Tigris-Euphrates alluvial salt marsh

  • Even in the Pacific Northwest, low-elevation and flood-plain older forests are extremely rare.

    Beyond Old Growth~ Chapter 9

  • Of Three Gorges Dam BEIJING -- China is expected to sign an agreement for a feasibility study on how to manage flood-plain risks downstream from the Three Gorges Dam, the latest move to address development pitfalls with the world's biggest hydropower project.

    Pact May Ease Impact

  • "We have two kinds of levees -- those that have failed and those that will," said Paul Osman, head of the flood-plain management program for the state of Illinois.

    Davenport Resists Flood Wall as River Swells

  • That remains controversial: last week the Biloxi City Council rejected the recommendation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to expand the city's flood-plain map, and to increase the elevation for homes from 13 feet above likely flood levels up to 18 to 25 feet.

    The Aftermath: Built Like a Brick House

  • They're actually going in there with earth movers and rehabilitating portions of the river valley back to a semblance of the natural flood-plain state, and each spring they'll be simulating floods with dam releases.

    Adios, Amigos (2)


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