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  • n. A wall built along a shore or bank to protect an area from floods.

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  • n. A man-made vertical barrier designed to temporarily contain the waters of a river or other waterway during a flood


flood +‎ wall (Wiktionary)


  • Punch these coordinates (30.043863, -89.909711) into a Google mapping product (haven't checked to see it in Live Earth or NAIP satellites) to see an intense agricultural project visible from space, just over the floodwall from the hub of the Vietnamese community.

    After the Deluge, The Farm

  • The Army Corps of Engineers began building a secondary flood wall to protect low-lying areas of Hamburg, Iowa, because it expects the northernmost breach of the floodwall, which is 5 miles southwest of town, to fully give way at some point. Front Page

  • California will, before the night is over tomorrow, be labeled the "floodwall" that turned back the "Republican wave" this year.

    Chris Weigant: My Final Midterm Election Picks

  • A 33-foot floodwall protects the West Side neighborhood, opposite downtown, well above the "flood of record" mark of 1965.

    Minn. flooding could force thousands to relocate

  • Work started Monday on erecting a temporary floodwall at the St. Paul Downtown Airport, which is expected to remain open.

    Minn. flooding could force thousands to relocate

  • The floodwall was first erected in 2009, and was put up twice in 2010.

    Minn. flooding could force thousands to relocate

  • Destroying the levee would provide a relief valve to ease the menacing rivers and ultimately lower them, taking pressure off Cairo's floodwall and other levees father south along the Mississippi.

    Mo. asks court to block levee blast, farm flooding

  • Sunday's house-to-house canvass came as more thunderstorms passed through the already waterlogged, rain-pummeled region and as emergency-management officials in Cairo focused warily on a "sand boil" an area of river seepage that's a potential sign of trouble pooled to 40 feet wide and 12 feet deep about 100 yards from the floodwall.

    Mo. asks court to block levee blast, farm flooding

  • The fear was that the wake from big boats would push water over a floodwall and into the town of 6,700.

    Coast Guard reopens part of Mississippi River

  • Missouri National Guard troops have been working 12 to 14 hours a day since Wednesday to construct a temporary levee of sandbags, dirt and gravel inside the floodwall to catch any water that spills over the top.

    Flooding Threats Flow Downriver


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