from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun A foot-plate; a plate, usually of iron or steel but sometimes built up of boards, used as a floor around engines and boilers.
  • noun A massive plate usually of cast iron, with slots on its upper face, forming part of the floor of a machine-shop, so that work can be bolted to it.


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  • We offer a custom straddle-guard floor-plate and trigger guard assembly that is a standard feature on our Classic rifles.

    What to Do With Your Gift From George W.

  • A Williams steel floor-plate and trigger bow is re-machined and cosmetically detailed before installation.

    What to Do With Your Gift From George W.

  • Rubenstein stared at the magazines a moment, Rourke saying, "Look on the bottom-on the floor-plate."

    The Nightmare Begins

  • The partial outline of a blaster was marked in grease on the floor-plate.

    The Other Side Of Nowhere

  • At the same time the recall wave exerted an attractive force that drew the atoms back to a central point in the laboratory, where they were re-materialized upon the same floor-plate from which they had originally been sent.

    Devil Crystals of Arret

  • He was standing upon the floor-plate in the center of the area bounded by the banked green tubes, and beside him stood Joan, sobbing with relief at their last-minute rescue from the Devil

    Devil Crystals of Arret

  • Tensely the two men stared at the metal floor-plate in the center of the area bounded by the flaming green tubes.

    Devil Crystals of Arret

  • Five minutes later Powell stood ready and waiting upon the floor-plate in the focus of the big atomic projector, with the central lens of the apparatus levelled down upon him like a huge searchlight.

    Devil Crystals of Arret

  • Stripping the dark goggles from their eyes, the two men hurried over for a closer view of the thing that rested quiescent and apparently lifeless there on the metal floor-plate.

    Devil Crystals of Arret

  • As he closed the switch on this panel, three banks of tubes set in triangular form around the floor-plate upon which Joan had stood glowed a brilliant and blinding green.

    Devil Crystals of Arret


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