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  • n. Plural form of floorboard.


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  • There are, for example, drawings in the show that look like painting, like a beautiful puff-of-smoke graphite piece by Jerry Phillips, and painting, like Richard Woods's faux-wood floorboards, that is basically tinted drawing.

    NYT > Home Page

  • But while cleaning up Chester's run-down home, which Leonard has inherited, they make a grim discovery: Buried beneath the floorboards is a trunk containing a small skeleton and kiddie porn magazines.

    Bookgasm: Reading Material to Get Excited About

  • The Wheel Spins Freely Sat in your leather armchair, you find yourself in the bay window of suburbia where sunshine casts friendly shadows as you turn the newspaper's brilliant page and only the hum of Sunday traffic seeping through the open window competes with the tick of the clock when the door explodes and your howling child throws himself before you and offers up the severed wheel from a favourite toy and demands through lime-green snot and salmon-pink eyes for you to intervene (as if you were some god whose powers extended to the very edges of knowing what living is like but by candlelight feared the devil in the mirror) and so you hold that severed wheel from a favourite toy and somewhere on the other side of the Universe you feel the numbed heart of a star collapse and die and you realise the swirl of the grain of the floorboards is the fingerprint of a - Articles related to '3 Idiots' triumphs at IIFA; Vidya, Kareena are best actresses

  • Since this picture was taken, the "floorboards" have also been torn up and gotten rid of.

    Blogtimore, Hon

  • "The Borrowers" is the story of tiny people who live beneath the floorboards of houses and borrow from the occupants.

    Rebecca Serle: Top 10 Classic Children's Books

  • From young Myers beating a fellow classmate to death with a large stick to adult Myers chasing his sister through a decrepit, abandoned home, tearing up floorboards and constantly slashing inches behind her, this movie is incredibly intense.

    Top 10 Best Modern Horror Remakes » Scene-Stealers

  • The whole floorboards thing would have turned me right off.

    Obama's gift to Berlusconi: new American wine in old floorboards | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • Obama's gift to Berlusconi: new American wine in old floorboards | Dr Vino's wine blog

    Obama's gift to Berlusconi: new American wine in old floorboards | Dr Vino's wine blog

  • There was some commotion under the warehouse floorboards — the rats were probably busy chasing after some morsel or other.

    HALF • by Fred Warren

  • Specifically, beneath the floorboards in my bedroom.



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