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  • n. Plural form of floozie.


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  • While it's not difficult to understand why Accenture might want to drop an alleged serial philanderer with a taste for floozies, I wonder if doing so won't undermine the exact message they were trying to send with their Tiger Woods campaign: The Medium is the Message

  • This new form of narcotic “Tea” was served brimming hot to all the masses, until they became weak and vulnerable floozies.

    Our Last Tea Party

  • They are full-bodied, voluptuous whites that stop just short of being floozies.

    New and Old Worlds Meet in Decadent Viogniers

  • One bad apple—or one Brendan Yin cavorting with floozies—can do grievous harm to our ethnic reputation.


  • “You could buy and sell these … floozies … two dozen times over.”

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • If your successful high-testosterone mate runs off with floozies, suggests evolutionary psychology, then he is less likely to spend time with you or pay for your kid's trips to the doctor.

    Deep voices trigger infidelity jitters

  • On those long, empty nights when I had sought the additional comforts of floozies, I had surrendered the company of Georgette.

    Shortcut Man

  • Finch started Thought You Knew out of frustration with the way that women were treated in bike shops -- either as floozies with no knowledge of the gears, or "mechanically savvy but asexual."

    PHOTOS: V-Day Calendar Features '80s TV Dudes With Bikes

  • And if two people both have the income to live lavish lives -- with yachts and champagne and burning $100 bills to impress floozies -- but only one does so while the other saves and invests to create jobs today and the wealth needed to fund Social Security 30 years from now, is it really "progressive" to tax them both at the same rate because they have the same income?

    Income Distribution Stories, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It is this sparkling talent, this feistiness in using creative expression to process or overcome emotional disadvantage, that is most frequently overlooked by soapbox character-assassins? such as Bette Midler, who lumped Lohan in with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton as "wild and woolly sluts", and Camille Paglia ( "these girls are lowering themselves to the level of backstreet floozies").

    Lindsay Lohan: the shocking truth is that she's a great actor


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