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  • n. Plural form of flophouse.


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  • All around the dock, taverns and flophouses crowded, eager to trade easy virtues for hard cash.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • Built in the 1920s to accommodate 200 people, The Prince Hotel as it was called then, was one of dozens of flophouses which sprang up on New York's infamous Skid Row to give returning soldiers, down-and-outs and the down-on-their-luck a place to sleep.

    Shabby or chic? New York's Bowery House hotel

  • It is a pattern replicated all along the Bowery, as flophouses are gutted or torn down and replaced by luxury offices and apartment buildings.

    Shabby or chic? New York's Bowery House hotel

  • Exchange stores are the flophouses of the metals world: resting places for tonnages with nowhere else to go.

    Copper Enters the No-Fly Zone

  • She opened to an article spread with many detailed drawings based on photographs of buildings and their insides: dirty children sleeping on wood floors, drunks in alleys, flophouses filled to the brim with raggedy men, boys in pants tied up with rope.


  • Oddly meticulous about his personal hygiene and clothes, he nonetheless slept in dingy flophouses, drank in seedy dives and patronized the cheapest whorehouses.

    Book review: 'Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin,' by Hampton Sides

  • Showing in a new 35 mm restoration, "Bowery" is a fine-grained picture of stasis, both on the street and in the faces of lifers shuffling into gin mills and flophouses.

    Where American Dreams Went to Drink

  • I left before the turnover was complete, before the last of the Bowery flophouses and Italian butchers closed for good, before Delancey Street became less a border than a boulevard.


  • It was a destination for chronic alcoholics from all over the country, made up of bars and flophouses and stretches of gutter the way a small town would have houses and playgrounds and avenues of elms and oaks.

    Tales from the Bowery

  • I never liked Chase much anyway, because when I was stranded in Panama about 25 years ago, that crummy David Rockefeller just let my electronic money transfer sit in his desk drawer gathering dust for eight days (while I was staying in 4-dollar flophouses and drinking wood alcohol with the bums under the dock).

    ATM--Any way to avoid getting gigged?


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