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  • n. Common misspelling of fluorine.


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  • Remember, flourine and chlorine are deadly poisons, in the right concentrations.

    HSUS Renews Call For Nationwide Lead Ban

  • This makes sence in terms of the foreigness of having much flourine introduced into biological tissues., its toxicity and reactivity.

    Wingnut Murder Spree or Are WE Part of the Problem?

  • KAERI said the new separator, made by mixing polyethylene, nano-alumina and flourine-based resin and subjecting this compound to radiation, has effectively overcome weaknesses of existing batteries.

    November 2009 -

  • If you took away just one proton, you would have flourine, a gas which, far from being inert, is highly reactive and dangerous.

    Archive 2006-04-23

  • A fascinating piece on the military implications of a skip-glide orbital vehicle - along with the liquid flourine/hydrazine rockets that could have been used to launch it.

    Things that go fast and explode

  • Eldest son was going to save a bottle of our town's own water (the city's has a reputation for not being the cleanest, and occasionally sending freshwater shrimp down through the pipes ... dead of course, from the flourine and chlorine), so I hope he's got it already.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Silicic acid and flourine: Browning Test: the sample is mixed with calcium chloride and sulphuric acid to a pulp in a thimble-shaped lead crucible which is then covered by a lead lid with a hole in the middle.

    1.1 Blow pipe assaying

  • The procedure can also be used to test for flourine by mixing the sample substance with silicic acid and sulphuric acid.

    1.1 Blow pipe assaying

  • They are sources of iodine and flourine and some fresh seaweed contains vitamin C.

    Chapter 6

  • I'll gladly give up any savings in C02 rather than be subjected to a volcanic cloud high in flourine and other foul stuff.

    Watts Up With That?


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