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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of flout.


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  • He was, undoubtedly, the true genius that you hear the name flouted around so much.

    Remembering Hank Jones, 'The Dean Of Jazz Pianists'

  • A nation that's grown numb to being spied on, having its privacy egregiously invaded and the having its Constitution generally flouted is at greater risk of losing its gun rights.

    So Who Knows?

  • Marrying her partner "flouted" the Catholic institution so much that she couldn't do her job anymore.

    Waymon Hudson: Wedding Announcement Gets Lesbian Fired From Illinois Catholic University

  • Another fatuous, badly drafted piece of Labour tyranny flouted with impunity; sorry, not "flouted" because it's all entirely legal!

    Fox hunting alive and well...

  • But one senior insider at another top team told BBC Sport he thought Red Bull had "flouted"

    BBC News - Home

  • value and said that it "flouted" their privacy laws and was an attempt by the United States to put its counterterrorism priorities ahead of Europe's civil liberties, the cables show.

    NYT > Home Page

  • The irony is, of course, that these companies regularly boast of their corporate social responsibility programmes, when the two most fundamental elements of corporate responsibility – paying their low-paid staff properly and paying their taxes – are frequently flouted.

    Letters: A way to avoid companies' limited liability for corporation tax

  • Americans have watched, with a growing sense of alarm and alienation, as first a Republican administration and then its Democratic successor have flouted public opinion by bailing out banks, nationalizing the auto industry, expanding war in Central Asia, throwing yet more good money after bad to keep housing prices artificially high, and prosecuting a drug war that no one outside the federal government pretends is comprehensible, let alone winnable.

    Death of the Duopoly

  • The mullahs in Teheran had rejected all his overtures and flouted all his warnings, and now he had to respond.

    The Omega Theory

  • John and Jessie Fremont were people who flouted custom and authority and still attained social and political prominence.

    H.W. Brand discusses The Age of Gold


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