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  • adj. That is able to flow.


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flow +‎ -able


  • "We use what they call a flowable fill," said Public Works Spokeswoman Sara Hartley.

    KHOU - Latest News

  • Sometimes we use "flowable" composite which is kind of in between in it's characteristics.

    Dental Sealants

  • The researchers removed the die from the extruder in order to avoid increases in pressure and to produce a "flowable" powder.

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  • The issue that starts to change this is re-flowable text and devices such as the mobile that have small screens in which to display fixed pages.

    Review of our 2008 Predictions - 7. Standards

  • Generally I aim for Feedbooks quality—that is, tables of contents, flowable text, emdashes/endashes and nice scene breaks, etc.

    From the eBookery: Update to My Man Jeeves, Psmith beta versions, Single Quotes | Spontaneous ∂erivation

  • In either system, the dry droppings are collected, transferred to the biogas plant and diluted to make them flowable.

    3. The agricultural setting

  • Preheating the aggregates to about 180° C and addition of silica flour produces a more homogeneous flowable mixture and more uniform products.

    Chapter 4

  • Each design is suitable for continuous operation, but the feed material must be flowable and uniform.

    3. Biogas plants

  • Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology today published details on a battery design that reinvents the operation of traditional lithium ion batteries by using flowable, rather than solid, materials.


  • In this case, researchers are using a flowable slurry which contains compounds typically used with lithium ion batteries to build a "semi-solid flow cell."



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