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  • n. Alternative spelling of flow cell.


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  • Divergent light reflected from the membrane is collimated by a convex lens and directed through an aperture to control beam diameter before entering a BK-7 prism (Melles-Griot, Carlsbad, CA) in the standard Kretschmann configuration, allowing light to couple into the sample flowcell.

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  • The use of dark Mylar on the sample flowcell greatly reduces adhesive-derived scattering of the excitation light, allowing for the simultaneous measurement of multiple independent channels on the same flowcell.

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  • Background subtraction using a control channel on the same flowcell was performed.

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  • The different refractive indices were obtained by flowing NaCl solutions through the sample flowcell.

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  • To compensate for laser power output variations, normalization of the intensity in the region of interest in the flowcell took place against the static adhesive regions surrounding the flowcell.

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  • The solutions are then passed through a flowcell attached to the prism and reflectivity measured for each solution.

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  • This sample flowcell typically consists of a Mylar flowcell

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  • By incorporating adaptor sequences into the primer design, Access Array's PCR-based output is ready to go into a GA II flowcell because the necessary capture sequences have already been incorporated.


  • The prepared flowcell was then subjected to sequencing by synthesis (version 1.0) using a Genome Analyzer II, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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  • We report an alternative approach to transcriptome sequencing for the Illumina Genome Analyzer, in which the reverse transcription reaction takes place on the flowcell.

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