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  • n. A specially designed arrangement or representation of flowers; a picture wholly or mainly of flowers, or a particular shape worked in flowers.


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  • I bequeath also to the same dear friend my best diamond ring, which, with other jewels, is in the private drawer of my escritoire: as also all my finished and framed pieces of needle-work; the flower-piece excepted, which I have already bequeathed to my cousin Morden.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • A long narrow margin of another painting was now visible where the frame was broken away; it seemed as if the flower-piece had been painted over some other subject, as if Sophia Flannery had not even been at the pains to take the canvas out, and had only carried her daub up to the edge of the frame.

    The Nebuly Coat

  • This view was, moreover, supported by the fact that the gilt frame was exceptionally elaborate and well made, and he came to the conclusion that Sophia must somehow have come into possession of the frame, and had painted the flower-piece to fill it.

    The Nebuly Coat

  • "Too quick despairer, wherefore wilt thou go?" and the flower-piece that follows; by that other single masterpiece,

    Matthew Arnold

  • The ship sailed -- and Marianne continued three quarters at Mr. Gummage's school, where she nominally affected another flower-piece, and also perpetrated Kemble in Rolla, Edwin and Angelina, the Falls of

    The Wit and Humor of America, Volume V. (of X.)

  • My daughter says she thinks she heard you say that you would paint a little flower-piece reasonably, or perhaps you have one to spare now.

    The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss

  • At its very height Aunt Susan up and died, and a fortnight later we learned that, after bequeathing the bulk of her property to foreign missions, she had left me, whom she had condescended to refer to as her "beloved nephew," nine hundred dollars in cash and her favorite flower-piece in wax, a hideous thing which for thirty years had occupied the corner of honor in the front spare chamber.

    The House An Episode in the Lives of Reuben Baker, Astronomer, and of His Wife, Alice

  • Very much excited, Johnny recklessly tore from the wall his most cherished picture, a gay flower-piece, just put up; and folding it, he thrust it through the hole and waited to see what followed.

    The Louisa Alcott Reader: a Supplementary Reader for the Fourth Year of School

  • The color was heightened in his brown cheek by the exercise, and, with his long, drooping curls and eyelashes, he looked a very pretty centre to the flower-piece which he had so promptly improvised.

    Dred; A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp. Vol. I

  • I have hardly seen any landscapes which exceeded, in the perfectness of the illusion, one or two which I saw in the collection I visited, and I could hardly persuade myself that a flower-piece on which I looked, representing a bunch of hollyhocks, was not the real thing after all, so crisp were the leaves, so juicy the stalks, and with such skillful relief was flower heaped upon flower and leaf upon leaf.

    Letters of a Traveller Notes of Things Seen in Europe and America


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