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  • adv. In a fluffy way.


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  • But be aware that it's being marketed a little strangely (even "fluffily"), and that it will probably defy your expectations.

    The Prestige

  • But, some of the PC-ness, is, I reckon, using English in such a way to fluffily-wrap things in order to disguise what we actually think?

    I'm quite in favour of PC, but...

  • Makes enough to frost 12 really nice and fluffily, with a tad left over

    We love Ice Cream Before Dinner

  • Not the few inches of fluffily decorous white Chris remembered from home, but a vast shape-shifting shroud, feet thick.

    Fathers & Sons

  • Yellow rice was fluffily heaped in a ceramic bowl, with pungent bay leaves buried under the kernels of basmati.

    The Hundred-Foot Journey

  • The baby birds outside fledged, which means that (a). the squeaky loud nest is now empty and (b). there are fluffily feathered baby birds learning how to fly all over our courtyard, which drives the cats crazy (but cracks me up).

    Birthday Status: A Hoot

  • He started with a sort of ballet-dancer run, shivering his feathers out fluffily as he went.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • In the city long buses had concertina central sections for turning sharp corners into narrow streets and in the country mimosa trees bloomed fluffily yellow in March, and every73 where, every day, all day, there was the talk and the smell of wine.


  • The fisher, plainly a ground dweller, was fluffily clothed in soft feathers of the same blue-green shade as the foliage about.

    Galactic Derelict

  • In its place was a soft aureole of hair, standing out fluffily on the small head and curling under at the ends.



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