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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of flump.


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  • She entered Mrs. Gartney's presence with nonchalance, and "flumped" incontinently into the easiest and nearest chair.

    Faith Gartney's Girlhood

  • Vahna gave a little cry that was half like a yelp and half like a gasp, and flumped down on her knees before me, pleading to me with deer's eyes and to him with the eyes of a deer about to be killed that don't want to be killed.


  • He turned half around as he flumped himself down with a sigh of relief, and, with a red flash of tongue, kissed Steward's foot.


  • Übel's hunchbacked servant slunk out of the shadows of the drawing room, carrying a tea tray over to the ornate chair the young scientist had flumped into in despair.


  • He went to George and flumped himself down beside her, licking her face.

    An Open Letter to Fans of South Plains Football

  • I couldn't think of a good way to show the fabric in it's entirety (it's a metre, 60 wide) so I have just flumped it down on the dresser and photoed it - but trust me, it's gorgeous.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • We flumped next to the koi carp pool, watching the beautiful fish which are big as clown's shoes swimming under their bridge and gaping at the surface, and we gaped too at how fortunate we felt and admired each other's perceptibly-firmer thighs.


  • Yolanda, eight, and Rachel, nine, flumped out of their princess-themed bunk beds and stumbled into the bathroom.

    Project Everlasting

  • First day back at work and was unexpectedly chucked into a video conference then 3 back to back meetings and when I got home, I'm afraid I just scoffed, flumped and watched Hitchcock's The Birds with J instead.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • I'm either running away from it and distracting myself, which is exhausting, or I'm flumped on the sofa

    Archive 2005-09-01


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